Download Expert PDF to quickly and easily create PDF files from any document that you want, then save and send your work securely.



After you create your PDF, you can then view and edit it as easily as a MS Word document. Use the Expert PDF Editor to modify text, images, layout or add comments. Download Expert PDF now!



Yes, you can even turn PDFs into Word Docs. Download Expert PDF to convert PDFs to Microsoft Word using the PDF converter. Simply make the changes to your document in Word, then save your work back into PDF format.

Top Features

  • Creates and converts PDF documents
  • One click converts any file (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint) into PDF format
  • Easily converts PDF files into Word documents for editing
  • Fits seamlessly into your Microsoft Office toolbar

Make Everything
Simpler With The
Integrated Toolbar

Expert PDF fully integrates into your Word¨ and Excel¨ toolbars, making it easy for you to convert a document into PDF without having to switch between programs.

Easily Customize
Your PDF Documents

Add and edit form controls such as text zones, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists and action buttons. Edit text and object attributes, including font, colour, line width, and display options. Associate actions to objects within the PDF Forms, including auto completion, opening web pages and more.

Security Features

  • Digitally sign and certify your PDF documents
  • Create password protected PDF files for restricted access
  • Secure your PDF files using 256-bit RC4 or AES encryption algorithms
  • Control which users can read, print, edit, copy or comment on your PDF files

Merge Multiple Documents For Maximum Efficiency

With Expert PDF you can select several documents in various formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, URL, etc.) for conversion as a single PDF or as separate PDF files.

  • New OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which turns your PDF files into easily searchable documents to make them even more time efficient. OCR makes it possible to search for text within scanned images/documents, making your PDF documents more time efficient to work with.
  • Newly Designed Microsoft® Office 2010 Ribbon Bar which provides quick and easy access to Expert PDF's key features.

Image Conversion

Download Expert PDF to convert documents into popular image formats - JPG, GIF, TIF and many more.


Hyperlink and URL Management

Download Expert PDF to insert direct links into your PDF documents. When you convert your document to a PDF, all the hyperlinks are preserved.


Easy Emailing

Download Expert PDF to convert a file to PDF and email it to a friend or colleague in just a couple of clicks.


Editing Features

Expert PDF allows you to cut, copy, paste, and resize text and visuals in your PDF. You can also add images, geometric shapes, Bezier curves, and more to your PDF files.


Annotation Tools

Expert PDF's tools allow you to add notes, watermarks, comments and stamps to your PDF documents for a greater level of personalization.


"...there's no denying that as a cheaper version of the official Acrobat software, this is an extremely capable program."
- Computer Active

"Features aplenty and a solid user interface makes this a fine low-cost alternative to Adobe Acrobat"
- Micro Mart

"this latest offering provides a user-friendly means of viewing, creating, modifying and converting any PDF document."
- IT Reviews

PDF files have become an increasingly effective and accepted way for people to send their electronic documents via email and download. Until now, PDF programs have been grossly overpriced.


Provides Guaranteed Standard Formatting.

Nowadays documents have complex formatting or use special fonts. By converting and sending these types document as PDFs, you can ensure that whoever reads it will see it exactly as you intended.


Gives You Greater Universal Compatibility.

By using PDF documents you can ensure that the person you're sending it to can read it, even if they don't have the same software that the document was originally created in.


Offers Tighter Security.

If you send invoices or legal documents, then using a PDF document is significantly more secure than standard Microsoft Office documents. PDFs also make it very difficult for anyone to tamper with the contents of your document.


Saves You Time and Money.

By sending your invoices or contracts electronically as PDFs, you can ensure that they are secure and in a clear format that can't be altered. This will reduce the time it takes to get paid and play a key role in securing vital contracts for your business.


Reflects Better On Your Business.

You don't wear sandals to an important interview. You wear a suit. The same goes for sending documents. Using PDFs gives your business a clean, professional appearance, and is now part of the standard online business etiquette. So don't miss out!